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How to order?

To order an item from velomasters.eu, you need to click the "add to cart" button, then follow the steps when filling in your delivery details. In cases where it does not allow you to complete the order - review whether you have not omitted to mark the checkboxes for agreeing to the rights of use or whether you have not omitted any other step. If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact us via email info@velomasters.eu.

Delivery time


What bike frame size is ONE for me?

We recommend that you take advantage of the only service that eliminates human error in "judgment" - ID Match Bike Fitting from Velomasters. 
For a standard reference, you can use the following scheme: 

Size M 43 cm - suitable for 165 - 172 cm 
Size L 48 cm - suitable for 172 - 182 cm 
Size XL 53 cm - suitable for 182 - 192 cm
Size XXL 57 cm - suitable for 192 - 200 cm

Velomasters.eu and Skatemasters.eu?

www.skatemasters.eu originated from www.velomasters.eu and is run by the same team. 
We`ve made the split in December 2021 to provide more and better products and services for kids, BMX, skateboard and trick scooter enthusiasts. 
This gave us the opportunity to distinguish velomasters.eu as a store that offers high-end bicycles and accessories - aimed at cycling enthusiasts who are looking for the best!