Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) for EU citizens

As a consumer, you have the option of contacting your local ADR authority in relation to a dispute that you have not been able to resolve directly with us.

What is ADR?

ADR is a procedure for the out-of-court resolution of disputes that relate to contractual obligations arising from sales contracts or service contracts between a trader established in the EU and a consumer resident in the EU. A dispute resolution structure proposes or enforces a resolution or brings the parties together to facilitate an amicable resolution.

An ADR body is a neutral party (eg conciliator, mediator, arbitrator or grievance panel) that we will use to resolve a dispute in the event that the user decides to seek out-of-court resolution of the dispute. The ADR procedure is cheap, easy and fast, and therefore beneficial to both consumers and traders, who can avoid legal costs and lengthy court proceedings.

How can I file a complaint under the ADR procedure?

If you wish to lodge a complaint, please contact your national ADR authority listed in this list. This ADR body will also be able to answer any questions you may have related to this process.

Click here for the European Commission's online dispute resolution site.