About us


It all started back in 1991, with the crazy idea to make a bike ride from Ruse to Obzor. The lack of supply of high-quality bikes forced us to buy Chinese-made mountain bikes, which caused us serious difficulties in our two-day trek: broken chains, uncomfortable seats, inability to shift gears and so on. After a difficult but ultimately successful comeback, we began researching bike manufacturers in Europe. The lack of means of mass information such as the Internet and the presence of trade restrictions in front of Bulgaria with other countries, such as Italy, France, Germany, etc. required communication with the manufacturing companies to be conducted through letters. The long wait paid off and in early 1992 we imported road bikes from France, BMX and MTB bikes from Italy.

Not long after, we made the first production in Bulgaria of high-quality bicycles (Superba, Over the top, Runaway, Montana), whose frames and parts were delivered from Italy. For the first time on the market were presented: a bicycle with an aluminum frame and a bicycle with two shock absorbers (frame with 50 mm tube diameter) - (alloy frame), (upper oversize frame), (double suspension frame). Immediately after their international presentation, we offered on the market bicycles with disk brakes (carbon frames) and carbon wheels (carbon wheels). Then began our cooperation with some of the most famous companies in the bicycle industry, manufacturers of high-quality bicycles and components - seats, tires, pedals, grips, frames, rims, headlights and brake lights, such as: Selle Italia, Selle Basano, Vuelta, Pinarello , Colnago, Tioga, Camel, Elite, Shimano, Spanninga.

We were the first to present bicycles as a product at the International Technical Fair - Plovdiv. In addition to developing the market with the presentation of the latest technologies in bicycle production, our main priority remains the development of cycling as a whole. The first mountain bike competition - MTB CX in Bulgaria in Teteven, with more than 150 participants and a prize fund of 35 bikes, was organized by us in 1994. In the cycling club sponsored by us, 70 children and teenagers of all age groups were members , who took part in all competitions organized by BKS - on road and track.

The accumulated experience over the years and the continuous work in the bicycle business led to the realization of the VELOMASTERS project, the concluded exclusive contracts for the territory of Bulgaria and Romania with the leading companies in the bicycle industry - KTM (MTB and electric bicycles), Pinarello - road bicycles, Pirelli and Tioga - bicycle tires, Selle Italia and Sportourer - seats, Spanninga bicycle lights, Tioga - pedals, seats, tires, pegs, grips, etc. parts and accessories, Elite - water bottles and bicycle trainers, NRG bike care products - products for maintenance and cleaning of bicycles, give us confidence that we can offer high quality products and service to our customers, meeting their highest requirements and expectations.

We haven't forgotten the little ones, the future great athletes and cyclists - we offer the whole range and sizes of kid bikes (kid bikes) 12", 14", 16", 18", 20" and 24", a wide variety of BMX bikes and many models balance bike. Following the wishes of children to practice different types of sports, such as the use of so-called "scooters" to perform tricks and jumps (freestyle scooters), we concluded exclusive contracts for distribution on the territory of Bulgaria and Romania with the most the famous brands of this branch - UrbanArt, District, Grit, Crisp, Kota, Lucky, Longway, Blunt Envy, etc. The project includes: Bicycle shop and bicycle service in Ruse offering high-quality bicycles, bicycle accessories, bicycle components, bicycle equipment, scooters and scooter accessories.

The store has the unique for the whole of Eastern Europe - ID MATCH system for sizing the bicycle according to the anthropometric data of the cyclist - bike fitting. Highly qualified mechanics who offer professional service, repair and maintenance of bicycles; Online e-shop for high-quality bicycles, bicycle accessories, bicycle components, bicycle equipment, scooters and scooter accessories; Distribution of high quality bicycles, bicycle accessories, bicycle components, bicycle equipment, scooters and scooter accessories.